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C.A. Brown, Inc is an investment casting foundry specializing in small to mid-size castings including sculpture, medals, jewelry, hardware, and more. We supply many individuals and businesses, including sculptors, artists, boat-builders, woodworkers, jewelry manufacturers, &ct., throughout the United States and Canada. Quantities can be one of a kind or high volume production. Climbing to the Top
Climbing To The Top, Jose Buscaglia
Bronze, 44 x 27 x 6 1/2", © 1999
All Rights Reserved.
Our castings range in size from tiny, ultra-thin (1/16") up to 24" and beyond, and from just a few grams to 30-35 pounds.
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Frog Prince Ring
Frog Prince Ring
James Yesberger Designs
© 1999.
Wax patterns can be supplied to us, or we can provide moldmaking and waxes for you. We also offer metal molding (hard tooling) to create wax patterns when exceptional dimensional stability and extremely sharp detail are needed.
We're not limited to wax: some customers supply us with organic materials such as sticks, leaves, bugs, &ct. to be cast into metal. For the most part, these kinds of materials burn out well and cast successfully. Most plastics also work well.
Recently we've also been using patterns produced by rapid prototyping technology, such as 3-D printing and stereolithography. This technology is especially useful for parts that are difficult or impossible to mold, and the patterns are produced in a fraction of the time needed for conventional prototyping.
Our alloys are:
  Precious metals
  Silicon bronze
  White bronze
  Beryllium copper
  Manganese bronze
  Niberium (nickel beryllium)
  Yellow brass
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Untitled, Mashiko
Bronze and wood, 6 1/2 x 8 1/2 x 2", © 1999

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